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The Silver Fox's Story  

Our farmstead was established in 1868, by the Levi Collner family, starting with just the farmhouse.  As the farm grew, the need for more space to house livestock and store farming equipment did too.  In the summer of 1869, construction of what is now the Silver Fox Theater, began.  Neighbors, family, and friends joined Mr. Collner on one hot, summer day for a "barn-raising" and by the evening, the barn's frame was standing.

Over the next 82 years the farmstead stayed in the Collner family, until eventually it was passed down to Levi's granddaughter, Sarah Collner-Vensel.  In the summer of 1951 Sarah converted the barn into a summer stock barn theater, which was popular throughout the East Coast in the 1900's.  On July 7th 1951, the barn saw its first production and from then on it was history.  Sarah even kept livestock in the barn for the first few years of production, making it truly a "barn theater".  Until summer of 1981, the Silver Fox Theater attracted thousands of people each summer and was known as the most successful summer stock theater in Western Pennsylvania.


The farmstead's rich history was passed onto Bill and Jameen Stump, in 2000, after they purchased the farmhouse from Sarah's son Doug.  After living on the quaint property for three years, Bill and Jameen were given the opportunity to purchase the Silver Fox Barn, with hopes of restoring it to its original beauty and giving back some of its history to the community.  In 2013, after many years of hard work, they reopened the Silver Fox Theater's doors, but this time with a different purpose. 

For the past 8 years, Bill and Jameen have enjoyed witnessing the love of so many couples starting a new chapter of their lives and saying "I Do" at the beautiful farm. In 2021, after making the tough decision to retire from the business, they sold the property to Sarah and Zachariah Henry.


We look forward to the years to come and the many more memories that will be made at the Silver Fox Theater. Being able to share the property's rich history and beauty with many different couples from near and far is a joy that can't be described.

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